Rube Goldberg Machine (2015-2016)

Integrating science into high school classrooms, and getting students excited about practical applications for material learned is something I see as important. When I was asked in 2015 to come onboard with the Abbotsford School for the Integrated Arts with their Rube Goldberg project, it seemed like a natural progression.

The project consisted of converting the entire school into an “over-engineered” device to do a simple task. This turned into an exercise in modular planning, inter-disiplinary collaboration, and applied physics and engineering.

My role there was to give insight into ways to execute student ideas, and provide assistance with testing and troubleshooting. Students would have a clear vision of what they wanted to do (for example, a sequence that told the story of “The Wizard of Oz”), but couldn’t quite figure out the technical details in order to provide the seamless motion needed for the machine.

Interested in learning more? Check out the video below, and send me an email.